Reiki - hands on healing

Reiki is a gentle hands on healing therapy that is perfect for aiding relaxation and bringing a sense of well being to each individual. Reiki originated in Japan and has been used as a technique for reducing stress, aiding relaxation and promoting a positive sense of well-being for centuries. It is based on the notion that energy, or chi flows through us and is what keeps us alive. When this energy is low we can become ill or feel stressed, whereas if the energy is high,we are likely to be healthy and happy. I place my hands on different positions on the head and body. There may be feelings of heat or coldness, pulsating or tingling or no feeling at all! Generally the client experiences a deep sense of relaxation during treatment and afterwards. A typical session lasts up to an hour. Prices start from £45

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White Horse Overland

Located in Wiltshire, White Horse Overland 4x4 Adventures provides amazing bespoke 4x4 tag along off road guided tours.`

White Horse Overland's mission is to get away from the average and create inventive, guest centric and enriching off road experiences that challenge and unite people by their experience.  Every opportunity will be taken to make that extra effort to ensure guests expectations are exceeded.

White Horse Overland take a responsible sustainable approach in what they do and all routes are planned responsibly with consideration for other users and the environment.

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