Symptoms, or a collection of symptoms are simply messages from the mind, body or being to say there is an imbalance, or that something is not quite ‘right’. Whilst this sounds obvious, we are too accepting of this in our society and we put up with so much unnecessary suffering. In order to restore balance and promote good health, homeopathic prescriptions are as individual as each person, and based on the principle of ‘like cures like’.

Think of the analogy of a set of scales, your ‘symptom’ picture and everything about you represents one side of the scales and the remedy that matches this picture is the other side to create balance and assist the bodies natural ability to heal.



Remedies are made from plant, animal, mineral and even synthetic sources. All remedies have their own unique characteristics and sphere of action. At Mind Body Being I administer remedies in tiny pill form, which are easily dissolved under the tongue. This makes them suitable for adults, children and babies.

My Approach

Because homeopathy looks at the whole person rather than any one disease, potentially it may be used in a variety of acute, first aid and chronic conditions.  You can see me for anything that you might visit your GP for.

I have personally used homeopathy for anxiety, depression, fear, broken bones, IBS, grief, fevers, sore throats, post surgery, migraines and many more complaints and conditions. Homeopathic medicines are non-toxic and non-addictive and may be taken along side conventional medicine to give an integrated approach to your healthcare. I always encourage patients to continue seeing their Doctor or consultant.

First Consultation

Detailed questions about your current health/symptoms, medical history and lifestyle will be asked. You are completely free to speak about yourself, your symptoms and your life to whatever extent you feel comfortable with.

Subsequent Consultations

Subsequent consultation will involve discussing any changes that may have occurred in response to your treatment, and discussing a plan for your future healthcare.

Response Time

The length of time treatment takes is very individual and can depend on what sort of illness you have. Some patients experience a very quick response, whilst others (often with long standing complaints) may require longer.


Initial consultation: £70
(please allow up to 2 hours for your appointment)

Follow up consultation: £55
(please allow up to an hour for your appointment)

Fees include your remedy. There is no extra charge for acute prescribing unless it has been a while since your last appointment, then follow up fees apply.

I encourage all patients to keep in touch between appointments to ensure the best care of their case.

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