My Approach

I am passionate, yet down to earth in my approach and have always loved how homeopathy can help people with their mind body and being. Over more than a decade I have seen homeopathy help my friends and family with everything from extreme anxiety, broken bones, depression to irritable bowel syndrome, skin complaints and much more.

Why do people use Mind Body Being?

We do not have to accept or be limited by our illnesses or ‘dis-ease’ on whatever level (physical, mental or emotional), we all have the potential to be in good health and it is my aim to help you recognise your potential.

People use homeopathy for many reasons, often when they are looking for a natural, non-toxic option, or when mainstream medicine can no longer be of any help. Everyone is individual in his or her reasons for coming to me and I believe in people’s freedom to make natural choices for themselves and their families.

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about me

Hi I'm Sarah, I am a classically trained Homeopath and Bio-resonance Practitioner. I am a registered and insured member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

I am a mother of 2 boys, and we have a crazy little dog called Obi. I feel totally content in the outdoors and nature and recognise we ALL need to find what truly gives us joy in life in order to be our healthiest. I love people watching and listening to others stories – human beings are truly amazing.

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